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*AbOuT Me*

This is the page where i've described myself in a bit more detail. . . .

Hi im Gemma Louise Naylor,am 18 years old and I come from Barnsley,South Yorkshire. I'm currently studying an NVQ Level 2 in Catering and Hospitality at Barnsley College. I do find it difficult at times but I also quite enjoy it too :o)
I live with my mum Angela,my dad Ken and my older brother Andrew who is 25. I also have 2 other brothers who are called Craig (30) and Jason (29) but they live with their girlfriends and children.
I love hangin' out with my mates,chattin' on here,listenin' to music',shoppin',watchin' tv and cravin' the sexiest guys on the planet.....SAM AND MARK! I've met Sam (5 times) and Mark (once) and they are both truely amazing,love them so much! x

I was born in Barnsley District General Hospital on 29th July 1986 and i've lived here all my life. I started my school life at Lawerence Briggs Nursery + Infant School which I really enjoyed then continued at ST Hildas Junior School and finished at Darton High School,which I hated :o( The worst part of high school was being bullied for 5 years,it made me feel bad and REALLY down at times. Best thing to do is to keep your chin up and smile coz things will get better with time!

Me And My Dad
In My Uniform

~*My College Course*~

I have been studying Catering for 2 years now at Barnsley College,I do enjoy it but it has its frustrations :o( I have made a few good friends thru it so it does has its positives.



Love Actually,Meet The Parents,Day After Tomorrow,Wimbledon


Sam and Mark,Westlife,Mcfly,V,Greenday,Fareview,Good Charlotte,Delta Goodrem