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*Family + Friendz*

On this page i've decided to include a little bit about my family and friends. . . .


Me And David

This is a picture of me and David. David was the first person I fell in proper love with. He's a VERY special person and means loads to me,altho he don't realise it.

My Dad


The picture above is 1 of my dad,he is a pain but likes to joke about with everyone and can have a laugh when he wants to. He looks a bit drunk on that pic tho lol I must admit.

My Bestest Friend

My Best Friend

Nicola is 1 of my bestest friends online and has been there for me thru the past few months and I am grateful for that :o) She's listened to me ramble and has given me advice where needed and it's helped me loads. She is the bestest friend anyone could ever ask for,love her loads! xx

Gemma,Gemzy and Sarah....
On a Sam Craving in Barnsley!

My Fellow Sam Craverz!

Above is a picture of just 2 of my fellow Sam cravers. Taken last June we were on a mission to find Sam Nixon in Barnsley (unfortunately,we didnt) but we had a fantastic time seeing his family (mum n brother) so thankyou girlies!xx